Colombo, the business hub of Sri Lanka,

Colombo, the business hub of Sri Lanka, is a constant bustle of activity, offering you a myriad of experiences. Moreover, shopping in Colombo, is an essential part of one’s travel itinerary.When shopping in Colombo, your choices are anything but limited. The city adds spice to your shopping experience with modern shopping malls, boutiques and the insanely popular street markets. A shopper’s haven, Colombo offers everything from designer-wear to electronic items.


Being the country’s fashion capital, Colombo, is filled with a wide range of clothes shops and boutiques, where you’ll find anything from formal wear to sports and casual wear. If you are an avid reader, you’ll be delighted to know, the city is dotted with the country’s leading bookshops. Don’t forget to swing by Maradana, if you are interested in bargains on second-hand books. Here, you will find a string of bookshops that sell old, rare books. Who knows what literary treasures lay hidden?

No matter how fruitful and exhaustive your shopping expedition in Colombo is, your experience isn’t complete without dropping by the popular street markets of Pettah. It’s retail therapy of another kind, as you will find every type of item you can conceive in a variety of shops. These little shops are in clusters, with specific items being sold in each cluster (e.g. shoes are sold in a number of shops down a specificby-lane). Driving through is out of the question due to the narrow nature of the streets and the large crowds. However, the entire hub covers an area coverable on foot. The biggest secret to shopping in Pettah – polish your negotiation skills to secure unbelievable bargains. When you arrive in Colombo, be sure to inform our team of your shopping needs and we’ll help you shop till you drop!


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