Mother Sri Lanka

Mother Lanka we salute Thee!

“Plenteous in prosperity, Thou, Beauteous in grace and love, Laden with grain and luscious fruit, And fragrant flowers of radiant hue, Giver of life and all good things, Our land of joy and victory, Receive our grateful praise sublime, Lanka! we worship Thee.”


They generally have performed best on the track in the athletics events

History at the Olympics

Sri Lanka first participated at the Olympic Games in 1948, and has sent a delegation to every Summer Olympic Games since then, except for the 1976 Games. Sri Lanka has never participated in the Winter Olympic Games.

Sri Lankan athletes have won a total of two Olympic medals, both in athletics.

In 2000, Susanthika Jayasinghe became Sri Lanka‘s first Olympic medalist in over 50 years when she won bronze (which was later changed to silver) in the women’s 200m final. Duncan White also won a silver medal for the nation at the London Games in 1948. Anuradha Cooray will take part in the marathon event in 2012 aiming to improve on the 40th placed finish he managed in 2004.

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